29 Jun

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If we are completely honest with ourselves, do you have a respectful and/or positive attitude towards people living with a disability.  The disability could be inherited or a recent occurrence and a debilitating circumstance according to the ‘so called’ able/normal.  Debilitating due to the views of wider society, as we already know, people are not generally accepting of difference.

The more obvious the disability, the more likely the subjection to discrimination. Have you ever witnessed someone with a disability and privately thought along the lines of  ‘poor thing’ and thanked God it is not you.  Did you reprimand your arrogance? We could be pitying or scorning the most  wonderful of individuals with their internal strength and integrity acquired from life experience.

Who has the right to question their quality of life and/or value to society.  We always fail to look beyond the surface, everything is ‘face value’ and our society as a result is becoming more superficial.   There is a desperate need to notice internal differences rather than external ones.

Life satisfaction/contentment/fulfillment  cannot always be perceived externally and one person’s heaven is another’s hell.   In other words, our personal goals and accomplishments are relative, there is no static criteria for evaluation.

This is not the cliché argument that everyone should be treated equally regardless but more concerning the fundamentals of accepting difference without judgement or preconceived ideas.

Our physical existence and abilities are not the essence of who we are!  All of us as individuals are much more!



5 Jun

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Neal Roese a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and author of  ‘If only: I could turn regret into opportunity’ (Broadway Books/Random House).  After 15 years of research (including his own life experiences) Roese claims that regret according to the language of psychology are “the emotional offspring of ‘counterfactuals’ which contain information that is contrary to the facts and take the guise of two forms.  For example, 1)  a path not taken in a situation which would have been the right choice, thus make wiser choices and create more advantageous outcomes and 2) the other is more encouraging due to realization that alternative action would be worse.

Roese states:

“From ‘counterfactuals’ comes recognition of possibilities, out of regret comes hope for the future, and the essence of human cognition is a set of interlocking mechanisms designed to identify, understand, and fix the problems, both big and small, that appear constantly along the road of life…Counterfactuals,  have the power to push individuals towards regeneration and renewal”.

Roese found that, often, opportunity for improvement influences regret and provide markers in our reality, we develop beliefs about how one experience is caused by another which is a catalyst for our imagination.  We may consider different outcomes to past experiences by imagining alternative approaches of action in the given situation.  Although severe regret can cause deep emotional distress and depression, mild regret can be healthy for invoking new action and serves ‘a necessary psychological purpose’

The main factors within the process of regret are reality, imagination beliefs and the past. The whole notion of wanting to rewrite history (counterfactuals) in order to recreate the present.  To rewrite the past is a productive way to change our present reality.  Everything we have now is a consequence of a decision we made.  For every important decision we determine our future that is created ourselves.  For instance, you may resign from a job and return to education, hence this creates a different future than from remaining in the same job.

As we change our past in our mind, we change our vibration and begin to attract a new future.  If you want to be abundant, create an image about the past in which you were abundant.  Likewise, if you want to be smarter, more creative, methodical or loved imagine a past as so.  It is immaterial of whether this past is ‘real’ because our subconscious  mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination, it is basically the same thing.  The subconscious mind will draw circumstances to us that reflect our imagined past.

Therefore regrets are truly an opportunity for growth ( as Roese mentions) since it allows the higher self to inform us of what we really require in life and moves us towards that goal of fulfillment, leading us to a higher vibration and thus we grow spiritually.  The problematic situations and/or experiences that we regret are lessons which teach us something, whatever we are taught is the platform for development and growth.  Lets accept our regrets it makes life worth living!

New Planets in our Solar System

1 Jun

New planets are always being discovered in our solar system.

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Do you believe in life outside the planet earth? After all, we do exist in a vast multiverse!  NASA’s powerful Kepler Telescope has discovered three new planets in distant solar systems that could be habitable and sustain life.

NASA scientists said two of the planets are part of the Kepler-62 five planet system, known as Kepler-62-E and Kepler-62-F.   A third planet has been found in the Kepler-69 system and is called Kepler-69-C.

All three planets orbit a star similar to our sun and they are all in something called the habitable zone. That is the area near a star like our sun that can theoretically hold liquid water.

Scientists also said they believe these planets have a temperature similar to that of earth. But there is no way to know for sure. The plants are so far away, actually light years away, and we do not have the technology yet to travel there to find out for sure.  This is not the first time NASA’s Kepler Telescope discovered new planets that could possibly sustain life. Back in 2011, a planet named Kepler-22-B was discovered.

When we consider the extent of the destruction of our planet due to pollution and the exploitation of our natural resources, we cannot help but wonder whether NASA scientists are looking for somewhere else to escape.  Once having found somewhere to go will that destination suffer the ills of human advancement as our earth.

Read more: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/water_cooler/3-new-planets-discovered-in-distant-solar-system–that-could-sustain-human-life#ixzz2UznN18hz

Quiet – by Susan Cain

1 Jun

Do you consider yourself to be an introvert or extrovert?

Anita Reads . . .


I’ve finally gotten around to reading Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking, and I’m glad I did.  Susan Cain explores introversion and extroversion from a cultural point of view, with a focus on the former. She explores how our culture admires and idealizes the extrovert personality while undervaluing the introvert personality and how much we lose by doing so. She looks at the making of an introvert through nature and nurture, how to interact with the other personality type in relationships and on the job, and the raising of introverted children. She also explores how some introverts can actually appear extroverts and offers some pointers on how introverts can step out of character and act more extroverted when necessary.

Before I go any further, I just want to note that Cain is not arguing (and neither am I!) that one personality type is…

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Love people for who they are, not for who you want them to be.

12 Mar

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If your turbulent emotions are stemming from upsets in your relationships, look closely-are you accepting other people for who they are?  Or are you withholding your love until they become who you want them to be? There is always a better outcome when you support others in being who they are rather than who you want them to be.  Usually, when you release your attachment to wanting people to be a certain way, they become more cooperative and loving.

Your most intimate relationships involve your greatest expectations and present the greatest challenges to being calm and focused.  I your loved ones are upsetting you, ask yourself, “Why am I reacting this way? What pattern within me are they triggering? Does this situation remind me of something hurtful from the past? What am I learning from this turmoil?”

If you feel disappointed with the way that others are behaving or treating you, rather than assuming that you have done nothing to cause this behaviour ask, “What am I doing? Am I making them defensive? Am I demanding that they act in certain ways to please me? Am I making what they do wrong in any way? Am I accepting and loving for who they are?” Knowing how your words and behaviours impact on others makes it easier to create the harmonious reality you want with them.


UN report states that involuntary treatment of those with psychiatric labels is torture

7 Mar

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Update 12/2014 — Torture is approved of by most Americans reports the Washington Post today. This surprises many people…. There is no surprise here. We as a people support the heinous treatment of people all over the world and then we also use such treatment and call it medicine. This stuff runs deep into our psyches, clearly.

Did you know the United Nations has declared forced psychiatric treatment torture? We are a country that utilizes torture in the name of medical care as well as using it against those we call enemies.

A friend of mine made this comment: “This is an important connection to make. The way one sees one thing is the way one sees everything, generally. Or, as Brene Brown says, you can’t selectively numb.”

I’ve actually quoted Brown on the blog with this comment before.


It’s actually been said before. Maybe this time someone…

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A Positive Attitude

7 Mar

TAM London 2009: Richard Wiseman's tricks

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology is the study of happiness. Psychology traditionally focused on dysfunction—on people with mental illness or other psychological problems and how to treat them. Positive psychology, by contrast, is a relatively new field that examines how ordinary people can become happier and more fulfilled.

Happy people are often considered lucky and view themselves likewise.  Richard Wiseman, a psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire and author of The Luck Factor, spent a decade researching people’s perceptions of their luck. He found that those who call themselves lucky score higher on the personality factor of extraversion. That means that they are more likely to have a fortuitous encounter because they meet lots of new people and keep in touch with a large group of friends and acquaintances. These advantaged souls also score higher in openness, and lower in neuroticism, the tendency to experience negative emotional states like anxiety, anger, guilt, and depression.

Wiseman conducted an experiment in which he placed the same chance opportunities—money on the ground and a potential encounter with a connected business person—in the paths of two different people, one who claimed she was an unlucky person, the other who said things always seemed to work out well for him. The “lucky” guy immediately noticed the money on the ground and pocketed it, then struck up a conversation with the business person in the coffee shop where he’d been planted. The “unlucky” woman, meanwhile, stepped over the cash, and sipped her coffee without saying a word to the same business person (www.psychologytoday.com).

The findings from  Wiseman’s research clearly shows that we are the creators of our situation; obviously there is some external factors which can be beyond our control but an individual’s perception and approach to a circumstance is equally important.

There is a crucial interplay between our inner state and the environment, it is balancing these two factors throughout our lives in terms of how we perceive and interpret the conditions of each.  How do  we achieve that ‘lucky’ feeling, is it an act of faith, a strong belief or simply a superstition.  It’s cultivating a positive attitude, feelings of gratitude and being helpful towards others, regarding challenging situations as opportunities for growth.  Most importantly, being open to change, trying something different and developing a healthy and realistic self concept.

It is easier said than done, since many of us are preprogrammed to negativity, especially if you read the news bulletins on a regular basis, and automatically meditate on the least inspiring stories for the day.   Until recently, the masses believed that people are at the mercy of vast, uncontrollable forces (whatever you interpret theses forces to be).  The thought that you create your own reality is sweeping through the minds of millions.  All those awakening to their higher selves are becoming aware of the creation of their own reality.

Our positive thoughts and beliefs make a significant contribution to others, as we believe that we create our reality,  therefore taking responsibility for our lives and this is broadcasted (telepathic) to others.  Thoughts held in common by masses of people determine the way the world works.  As an increasing number of people arrive at the understanding that we create our own reality, this in turn, many fundamental changes will occur in society.  The way we think affects our immediate lives and the wider society in which we are a part of.


Natural Occurences

2 Mar

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Although this is no longer fresh on the press, I must ask – What was your thoughts when you discovered the news about the meteorite that disintegrated into the atmosphere in Russia?  Did you stop and think about the state of the economy? Or maybe you prayed to your God (depending on your religious affiliation, if any) and hoped that another was not coming close to your vicinity.

Such events make you realise that we are only a microcosm in the scheme of things and racism, sexism, homophobia  and politics in general become immaterial. Government officials have contributed considerable funds towards research within Aeronautics which reiterates the fact there is a wider existence beyond planet earth.

What if a meteorite actually hit our planet, causing a catastrophe, in this space and time? We are so preoccupied with everyday things such as work, pay debts, visit family/friends and going on vacation – this could all end due to the natural cycles of the solar system. Events such as this, places all aspects of life into perspective and we cannot avoid questioning the deeper meaning of life since our physical existence is temporary.



14 Feb

We need someone to love without question, without thought or reason…just love

If we can find it within ourselves and someone else, that is all we need .

We look high, low and below and yet nothing is found.

The love we long for has been here always, surpassed and past but yet still longing.

Take time to care, share and bear another whether it’s friend, sister, brother or lover.

We need someone to love without question, without thought or reason…just love.

Our hearts hurt while denying this love, all choked up, caught up in dust.

We know, we must express this love, it was meant and ought to be.

There is no waiting or contemplating whether it is good, bad or ugly.

Love just  ‘is’ and can never be wrong – it’s how the Creator intended.

We need someone to love without question, without thought or reason…just love.

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10 Feb

English: Emotions associated with happiness

Any time you feel an unhappy emotion do not be convinced that the cause is due to someone else or thing.  If you are angry   do not blame it on anyone else , instead work directly with your feelings of anger.  Taking the time to learn why you are feeling angry will result in knowing yourself better and bring you closer to Higher Self rather than attempting to figure out how to get someone to change.

Expecting others to act in certain ways to be happy is making your happiness dependent on a factors outside yourself and therefore your happiness is in the control of something else and not you.  It is turning your power over to something else and allowing it or them to determine your happiness.

Emotional stability derives from knowing what you are feeling is of your choice.  Why should your good feeling depend upon another person or outside situation.  Place your energy and time into going higher and making your own life work.  Spiritual growth involves developing the ability to understand yourself and to act in higher and higher ways.  Every experience in our lives is teaching us about ourselves.  Do not consider yourself wrong if there is a lot of turbulence in your life; see it an opportunity to grow and become even more familiar with ourselves.




The Higher Self

21 Jan

Higher Self - Meditation

After reading the post from Emerging Mind titled ‘Your Other Half is Your Higher Self – Why am I single’, I was inspired to write a short post on the subject of Higher Self.

Your higher self is dynamic, growing life-force consciousness.  Existing in a realm where all beings are unified as one multidimensional consciousness.  Our everyday consciousness is an aspect of your Higher Self that lives in your physical reality.  Your Higher Self sends you impulses to be loving and united with everyone – oneness.  Your Higher Self knows harmony, order, and light, hence operating in such a way is a manifestation of the Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is fully aware of the challenges faced in life, your higher self is the essence of who you are and stores records of knowledge from all your life times.  It is the wise teacher that exists within.  The Higher Self is not bound by limitations and is not attached to any role you play.  It can heal and evolve as you bring its high, fine, vibration into your body and all your energy systems.

Your Higher Self usually communicates to you through your intuition and feelings.  It can also communicate by sending you odd coincidences and synchronicity in the forms of people, newspapers, books, movies, and any other thing that provides the message you need to hear.  As you strengthen your relationship with your Higher Self, you will experience increasing insights, revelations, and expanded awareness.


21 Jan

A really inspiring talk about being single and I would like many more of these videos! I wrote a blog about soul mates which did not have a conclusion but was left open ended. I feel your video has depicted the essence of who we are, so that many will learn the main purpose of our existence.

Reflections On Journey Of Life

“I would rather someone hate me for who I am, then love me for who I am not.” – Ralph Smart

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This Year I am Going To…

10 Jan

January Dessert

It is the tenth day into the new year, new years resolutions have become cliché.  However we cannot help but reassess our life every January at least, if not, several times  of the year.  Do you ask yourself  “What is my purpose in life?” .  Every human being has something special to offer the world, whether it be a skill or an ability to benefit themselves and others.  We all have specific gifts, talents which we utilise on a daily basis and possibly take for granted.  You maybe a great speaker and often deliver speeches at work or on social occasions.  Or brilliant at organising fund-raising  events and contributing to charitable causes.  Skills, abilities and talents often derive from life experience, situations that promote learning and adapting to our environment at any given time.

There maybe gifts unidentified, never been used and lain dormant since childhood.   Have you forgotten some of the things you were good at as a child?   Everyone is born with gifts, for example, creative, athletic,  a logical mind. We simply need to rediscover, we discovered them quite intuitively as a child when we favoured certain types of games or excelled in particular subjects at school but as adults it is so easy to lose track of our talents and follow the wrong path.

There is no magic formula for finding your true purpose.  Your purpose can change over time, nothing remains the same, the world and people within it change and you have to keep abreast.  Thus, it is so important to establish a good understanding of your inner wisdom.  Simply ask for guidance and if your accustomed to looking within to find knowledge and/or answers life will be much easier.

By always asking your inner wisdom for guidance you will know what you should be doing, and how best to use your talents to serve humanity.

1 Dec

We are heading towards a dimensional shift in which LOVE is the prerequisite for survival>

Reflections On Journey Of Life

Will humanity make it to the 23rd Century?

Maybe if I keep myself SUPER busy, I won’t have the time to think about the state of the world. I am actually thinking that everyone out there who is unconsciously and excessively consuming are blocking everything and everyone else out. That is what they are doing, right?

BUT, with the current ecological crises, corporate greed, hatred for one another and so on, which I’ve blogged about here, do you think the human race will ever make it in another 100 years? Do you think Mother Earth will sustain and carry us for a long period of time? If you think I’m going out of my mind, please refer to this article. Click here.

It’s a monumental problem. The main concern is that the present-day human species is already having a CATASTROPHIC effect on ALL species. The destruction of natural…

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30 Nov

Knowing and loving youreslf is the key, otherwise, how do you begin to even relate to others.

Incisive Observations

If you don’t your life will have no meaning, b/c you won’t be able to assign any to it b/c you don’t know yourself or love yourself.

Until we are self aware and truly know ourselves, other people are driving.  We are living their agenda.  However, much like the humans in the Matrix, products of the machine world, grown and conditioned.  That is until they have an encounter with someone who is from the real world.  Then the either join or resist it.

You spend the most time with yourself; you must therefore learn to relate to yourself in a way that is healthy.  At a minimum we strive to get along with those that we are around the most.  We should take no different of an approach to ourselves.  Even if we have traits that we dislike, we need to learn to “get along” with ourselves.

You are the…

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Do Soul Mates Exist

29 Nov


A soul mate is someone you get along with extremely well, you both understand and accept each other as you are. This could be friend or romantic partner but the most important aspect is that the relationship is special and like no other.  According to those who believe in reincarnation, you have already met them in a past life, and in this life you are continuing the relationship. There is an emotional bond between these soul mates and each is able to sense the feelings of each other.

I am going to talk about soul mates in terms of romantic relationships, how many of us say that we have not met the ‘right’ person as yet!  We all have our prerequisites and/or criterion of  the qualities we hope to find in a mate, however do we  possess those very same qualities which we desire in others.

Apparently there is someone for everyone, soul mates are not simply a physical or sexual attraction; instead, it is a relationship inextricably linked to an individual’s own process of  spiritual evolution and growth.  In other words, personal relationships interconnect with a soul’s spiritual development.  We come to know ourselves through the interactions with others, identifying our strengths,weaknesses and what is necessary to improve.  It is within the dynamics of our relationships that we become conscious of our true self and ultimate connection to the divine.

On contrary, some argue that anyone has the potential to be another’s soul mate providing each one is willing to accommodate and compromise.  In order for any relationship to work, we must adhere to certain conditions such as mutual respect, understanding, patience, love etc.  Even if conflict does arise, there is a calm after the storm and such events should actually bring you closer, consolidating the bond. However, this argument refutes the notion of why we are attracted some people and not others…the fact is that we do gravitate towards certain people rather than others – this could be due to a multitude of reasons.

Have you ever met your soul mate and, if so, what was your experience?


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Mental Health

29 Nov

Institute of Mental Health 8, Nov 06

After reading two articles in The Times newspaper I was bewildered by the overall aims of the NHS (National Health Service) mental health provision.  The first article titled ‘Mentally ill  are being denied help in crisis’, which basically stated that those in a mental health crisis were either denied or given an appalling service.  An investigation by Mind (mental health charity) and University College London revealed  many services in England do not meet the staffing guidelines; people  are not getting the help required; delayed assessments; some crisis units are not providing a 24 hour, seven day service a week; people cannot contact crisis teams directly but must be referred.

The other article in the same issue titled ‘Its less about stigma than the lack of science’ states how a new Mental Health Bill will be implemented by the Commons via Gavin Barwell, MP, the 19th century definitions of depression and schizophrenia need to be revised in order to remove all kinds of discrimination and stigma.  Also recognising the misdiagnosis of service users and its detrimental affects on their  lives.

Apparently, due to the lack of research into mental illness a relevant science has not been applied.  Genetics, brain imaging and sophisticated psychological and social research are the remedy for such a situation.  Lord Stevenson of Coddenham is founding chairman of the new mental health research foundation based in London.

I question the validity of this reasearch since statistics only serve the purpose of shaping a persons thinking, money is being placed into research but not existing services that desperately require funding.  The numbers of people approaching mental health services are increasing, there is no mention of  social changes apart from removing stigma. Eliminating stigmatization and further research is going to resolve the current dilemma. We exist in a climate where care services are being integrated into the community rather than institutionalised settings – cheaper alternative .  It just does not make any sense!

It is not rocket science to know that mental health is largely dependent on social factors and obviously some are heredity. What further research is required!  Possibly, a step forward would be to approach mental illness as advised by  R. D Laing  Institute  www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/sep/02/rd-laing-mental-health-sanity whereby only those that have undergone the journey of ‘madness’ and recovered should be the ones to assist sufferers of a mental breakdown, since they have first hand experience.  Laing aimed to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

Another alternative would be to use intervention in aid of preventative measures such as talking therapies and make such services more accessible.

Yesterday evening I visited a friend in a psychiatric unit and I was perplexed by the amount and range of medication she had been prescribed.  Is the aim of reducing the stigma expressed towards mental illness a way of normalizing this particular state of being due to the growing numbers of suffers and the GP’s tendency to hand out psychoactive drugs like candy.  If labels like schizophrenia and depression are to be revised than this can only be replaced with criminalization.  I must wonder!

Only the pharmaceutical companies will benefit from these sort of proposals.